Tutorial – Plotting PDFs from AutoCAD Using Plot Styles

This tutorial covers the process for loading custom CTB (color dependent plot style) files which give line thickness and color attributes to your CAD linework. After loading CTB files, tutorial covers the basics of plotting to PDF (*note: there are some, mostly visual, differences between CAD for Mac and PC so if you have trouble locating a button or setting, search for your specific question online and solve before continuing on).

Tutorial – AutoCAD 101

This tutorial covers several important drafting techniques in AutoCAD, including: drafting methodology, layers, blocks, UCS, ortho, grips, match properties, distance/measure, offset, trim, extend, poly lines, explode, fillet.

Tutorial – Exporting GIS Data to DXF / DWG

This tutorial covers export options from QGIS to DXF format. Troubleshoots potential problems and provides work around in case export fails. This process comes in handy when needing to edit or manipulate linework in a program outside of GIS. Once in DXF format, data can be plotted to PDF or saved as DWG which can be read by other programs such as SketchUp.